[Interview] Alan Averill (PRIMORDIAL)

PRIMORDIAL zählen spätestens seit ihrem letzten Album "To the Nameless Dead" zu den innovativsten und besten Bands des Genres. Die erste DVD der Band, genannt "All Empires Fall" war Grund genug Leadsänger Alan Nemtheanga ein wenig auszuquetschen. Danke nochmal an Morian/Shawn für die Hilfe bei den Fragen. Viel Spass beim Lesen!

*Bei diesem Internet ist leider etwas schief gelaufen, was die teilweise wirr gestellten Fragen verursacht hat.
Ein ausführliches und verbessertes Videointerview mit Alan findet ihr hier: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2L1D5MC7LiA *

Ginnungagapmetal.de: Hi Alan! Thanks for taking your time for this interview. Lets start with your newest release, the first Primordial DVD "All Empires Fall". I found the DVD very impressive, what can you tell us about the work that you put into the production of this DVD, and how important is it to you, to release the first ever Primordial DVD?

Alan.N: It just seemed about time we made one. We've toured quite a lot and played many festivals so it was the right time now to document a proper Primordial show for those who wanted it. We just as usual tried to make something different and original. my cousin produced and edited it and we all worked together on the general aesthetic. I didn't want a typical free festival show.

Ginnungagapmetal.de: You guys just played in Germany at the Mittelalterrockfest in Illingen. I really enjoyed your perfomance there, where you satisfied with the gig too? Is it not rough to travel from Ireland to Germany to play only one Gig? Did you get to do some sight-seeing while you were over here?

Alan.N: NO we weren't really satisfied with the show to be honest. It's a long way to come for a few hundred people but mainly because the band before us, one of those medieval bands took over one hour between the band before and getting started when they should be done in 15 minutes so a lot of people had gone home by the time we were started. This was very unprofessional and someone should have been cracking the whip as a stage manager to make sure this doesn't happen. it does get rougher ok as flights get earlier and earlier and you arrive with no sleep and spend basically 48 hours often in perpetual motion. This is however the life of being in a band sono point in complaining. We chose it.

Ginnungagapmetal.de: Since your latest Album "To the Nameless Dead", you have become more popular. Positive things have come with this "growing popularity" are there any negative things you have recognized because of this "growing popularity". Some people label and put you in the current "Pagan Metal" Scene which I find quite silly since I find Primordial has a unique sound of it's own.
What do you think of that? Do you care about labels & trends at all?

Alan.N: I don't really care to be honest. I can understand why people for simplicity sake place us in the pagan metal category but we are far older than that new scene which I think has often more to do with power metal than where we came from, which is black metal. If it helps us reach some new people than that's fine with me. People always want to put you in some category or other.

Ginnungagapmetal.de: You will be a part of the Bathory Tributeband "Twilight of the Gods", which will perfom at the Metalfest 2010. How did this happen? What does it mean to you, to perform Bathory´s legandary Songs live on stage?

Alan.N: Basically I just thought it would be a challenge as a musician to do this, those albums are 20 years old now you know? and also a cool and fun way of enjoying the music of Bathory. It's not Bathory and it never will be it's just a tribute. Nothing more and nothing less.

Ginnungagapmetal.de: On your earlier records you had a much more black metal type of shriek. On the later albums you use your voice in a more clean way.
When did you decide to change your vocal style and why? Did you take any voice lessons?

Alan.N: Well on the first album you will find also about 30-40% clean vocals as well, and also on the demo from 1993 so it's not that surprising really. Also on the last album you will find tracks like 'No nation on this earth' that are mainly black vocals. It's just a natural progression, personally I find the clean aggressive vocals much more violent than the black vocals which were never really my strong point. I always had several different styles, nothing has really changed. No I never took any lessons.

Alan.N in Illingen (Bild: Thyrm)

Ginnungagapmetal.de: I believe Primordial has some of the most emotionally touching songs ever written. Such as: The Coffin Ships, Empire Falls, Gods to the Godless, The Gathering Wilderness etc. What is your current favourite Primordial song?
How do you and the rest of the band write your songs? Is there a certain formula that you have and follow or do you compose freely and just work on anything that comes to mind? Where do you get the inspiration?

Alan.N: I really couldnt pick a favourite song. We just all write on our own and then we bring the ideas to the rehearsal room and begin to piece things together in the old fashioned way. There is no mystical secret of magic formula. We just please ourselves and say what we mean.
Inspiration can really come from anywhere.

Ginnungagapmetal.de: It seems to me as if Primordial's music has matured and reached a higher level of musicianship with every release. Do you think that is a coincidence or is it just that you guys have gathered more experience?

Alan.N: Well you evolve as a human being and I can sing better than I could in 1994 which is natural, the rest of the guys are the same. We never changed the outlook of the band or our style, we simply created our own style and within that I don't feel confined in any way. We just do as we do, it's pretty simple and it alwyas has been.

Ginnungagapmetal.de: How big is the metal scene in Ireland?
How is Metalblade Records treating you? Are you satisfied with them?
I have read that you paint banners for other bands. Is that just a hobby of yours?
What else do you do in your free time if your not touring/making music and painting banners?

Alan.N: Wow, like 7 different questions. The metal scene here is ok, well there seems to be a lot going on bandwise but socially nothing really anymore. Metal Blade are fine, of course like many labels they have had to adapt fast to a new and changing industry. Sales are falling through the floor and it's a very difficult and uncertain time but Primordial just rolls on and is slightly immune to most of it.Thankfully.

Ginnungagapmetal.de: Last Question: Where do you see Primordial in the next ten years? Thank you very much Alan for your time and patience. I hope to see Primordial Live again soon. Anything you want to say?

Alan.N: Who knows, I'll be in my mid 40s then. No one thought we would be going to make 7 albums after we made 1 so why not make 10 you know? As long as I'm singing I'll be fine.
veni vidi vici

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